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A Call for Redesign: The Framework

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I wanted to share a learning model I have been working on that helps me meet the needs of all my students. There are hundreds of ways to differentiate and accommodate learners and I have seen as much as anyone else has on the subject. What I tend to find, however, is that none of them seem very realistic. It often appears that a teacher needs to be replicated a few dozen times to actually provide the individualized instruction that's expected of us. In my efforts to try to overcome these obstacles, I have filtered down the following core issues that I know I must address and find solutions for:
The fact that there are multiple levels of learners in one classroomHow to get students to engage in learning authenticallyThe gap between my ELLs' current level of understanding and grade level expectationsHow to teach my students to learn for themselvesWhat I found is that these elements are not unique considerati…

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